K43041 Foaming Characteristics Apparatus, Sequence IV

Test Method
Foaming of lubricating oils in applications involving turbulence, high speed gearing or high volume pumping can cause inadequate lubrication, cavitation, overflow and premature oxidation. The sample is blown with a controlled volume of air at different specified temperatures, including a newer high temperature test at 150°C. The resultant foam is measured at the end of each aeration period and at different intervals afterward. In the high temperature test, the amount of time required for the foam to collapse to “0” after the aeration period is also measured.

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D892 and D6082 Dual Twin Foaming Characteristics Test Apparatus
For four tests in accordance with control ASTM D6082 and ASTM D892 specifications. Heated liquid bath features digital temperature control and an operating range to 150°C with four flowmeters to maintain the required flow rate of 94 and 200mL/min to the air diffusers. Requires the use of an external chiller to perform the Sequence I and III tests at 24°C

Conforms to the specifications of:
ASTM D892, D6082; IP 146; DIN 51566; FTM 791-3211; NF T 60-129
Temperature Control:
Digital Setpoint and Displays °C/°F switchable
Built-in Overtemperature Cut-off Protection

Included Accessories
Test Cylinders, 1000mL (2)
Diffuser Stones, calibrated and certified (2)
Air Delivery Tube Assemblies (2)
Air Outlet Tube (2)
Rubber Stoppers (2)
Bath Jars (1)
Support Rack (1)

Ordering Information
Model Catalog
Air Flow Rate Bath Capacity Dimensions
lxwxh, in. (cm)
Shipping Information
Dual Twin
K43041 115V


(Operator variable)

94mL/min and 200mL/min 9 gal (38.5L) each 16.75x15x31.25 (42.5x38x79.4)
Net Weight: 62 lbs (28.1kg)
Shipping Weight: 89 lbs (40.4kg)
Dimensions: 16.3 Cu. ft.
K43049 220-240V

Catalog Number
Product Description
Air Pump, oil-less.
Delivers 100% oil-free air. 115V, 50/60Hz
Air Pump, oil-less.
Delivers 100% oil-free air. 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Wet Test Gas Meter
For volume measurements of air leaving the test cylinders. Note: One meter is required for each test cylinder. Not required for the ‘Alternative Procedure’ - Section 9.1
332-005-005 Drying Tower. 300mm
K43025 Diffuser Stone Test Apparatus
For maximum pore diameter and permeability tests on diffuser stones. Consists of 90cm manometer, 500mL flask, flowmeter, graduate, delivery tube assembly and control valve.
K33031 Refrigerated Recirculator, 115V 60Hz, 8A
Use with foam test baths for 24°C tests (Sequence I and III). Microprocessor based digital control and quiet running compressor provide reliable operation and accurate control within ±0.5C.
K33032  Refrigerated Recirculator, 220-240V 50Hz, 4A
250-000-12F ASTM 12F Thermometer.
Range: –5 to +215°F
250-000-12C ASTM 12C Thermometer.
Range: –20 to +102°C
250-000-41C  ASTM 41C Thermometer.
Range: 98 to 152°C
K23425 Acrylic Heat Shield, with base
For high temperature bath on Dual-Twin Foam Test Apparatus.
344-100-01C  Certified Diffuser Stone.
Calibrated and certified for compliance with ASTM specifications for pore diameter and permeability.
344-100-001 Diffuser Stone, non-calibrated
344-005-001 Stainless Steel ‘Mott’ Diffuser
K43012 Test Cylinder
Replacement 1000mL cylinder. Includes retaining ring.
When inquiring about NIST traceable certified thermometers, please refer to the catalog number for the corresponding thermometer and replace the middle three zeros in the catalog number with 004. Example: 251-000-01C ASTM 1C Thermometer would be 251-004-01C ASTM 1C Certified Thermometer.